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Apache 310 RR BS6, TVS RR 310 Price (2020) | Automation Bio

Apache RR 310 or Apache RR 310 BS6 variant launch in India on January 2020, from the TVS, the BMW project came the ultimate RR 310 the looks of the bike are the ultimate

WE will talk about tvs apache 310 rr price and

the company added some of the extraordinary features in this bike which was not there in the bs4 model we will talk about it.  310 RR is in direct competition with KTM RC 390, Ninja 300, 

Welcome to Automation Bio READ till the last and you will get clear with TVS Apache 310 RR BS6  and KTM RC 390 which one you should go with- if you read from between you won’t understand anything and your doubt won’t be clear. 



Apache 310 RR BS6 2020 price in India 

To own the Apache 310 RR BS6  model you have to spend 15,000 INR more than the previous BS4 model, as the bike ex-showroom price is 2.40 Lakhs on road price may vary according to your city or area 

FOR TEST RIDE & LOAN, PRICE related queries, visit the TVS nearest showroom they will provide you all the information related to the price loan, for test rides. or you can visit the TVS Apache RR 310 website to know more about this bike

TVS APACHE RR 310  BS6  2020 Color –

Now, there is a brand new color option in RR 310 these are 

  • Racing Red 
  • Titanium Black

Automation Bio loves the black color or Titanium Black as that color has a new apache branding and it is unique in its segment comment down which color you like?


310 RR Engine & Top Speed 

Talking about the engine of this beast then this has 312.2cc of displacement single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine that produces 33 bhp @ 9,700 rpm of max power and 27.3 Nm @ 7,700 rpm of max torque   

the engine is of BMW G310R and that is reversed inclined engine, by this, there is an increment in performance 

this bike has 6 speed of Gear Box, Top Speed with this bike you can achieve is 160km/h don’t try in the city or without equipment automation bio didn’t promote such things try on the highways 

Apache 310 RR bs6 changes & design

The chassis in the bs6 model is the same. The handlebars size is the same the weight has gone up 4Kg in the process of the BS6 compliant now it is 174Kg 

you get the side stand engine kill, when you ride the bike, with the side stand on the bike engine will turn off that’s the safety features 
Now you get the Michelin road 5, made in Thailand they were imported for this bike it makes a huge difference AND it unlocks the level of handling and ability that we didn’t expect

and these are the first of many changes 

Instrument Console 

310 rr instrument console automation bio

This bike comes with a brand new 5- INCH TFT instrument cluster,310 RR instrument console provide you the clock, tachometer, speedometer, gear position indicator engine temperature, fuel gauge you get the top speed more than the basic information 
You can switch between day and night mode, this motorcycle has Ride By Wire Technology

because 310 RR has riding modes the screen is required it has 4 riding modes – 

  • Track
  • Sports
  • Rain
  • Urban

Brakes & Headlamps

310 RR comes with dual-channel ABS YOU can EXPECT GOOD BRAKING PERFORMANCE 
In the TRACK and SPORTS bike unlocked the full power the only difference is in the ABS setting. Talking about the Rain mode, the ABS response has increase but there is a decrement in the top speed, and in urban mode, the ABS and the top speed is in the balance level best in the cities 


At the front you get the 17inche to alloy wheel, tire by Michelin, the rider gets the inverted USD forks, you get the 320mm Petal disc that looks beautiful,
front of bike  

The front of the bike is inspired by the shark face, it comes with dual LED projector headlamps has LED drls which has good visibility in the night time turn singles are LED front and back, you get the TVS logo in between the headlamps, the bike looks very premium 

You get the proper full windshield with the Indian flag not the Italian flag many people confused with it. the windshield is good during the high speed or in the long ride it gives protection from windblast 


Talking about the dimensions bike has 1365MM of wheelbase and ground clearance is 180MM which is good for the Indian roads. seat height is 810MM but the advantage is that your height is 5’5 or 5’6 

there is an advantage because the front of the rider seat is a thing as compared to the back section you can control this machine if your height is 5’5 or 5’6 

Back of 310 RR

you get the Trellis frame inside that red color frame look gorgeous, you get the open-chain system with aluminum swingarms the looks premium, in ever 300-400 km you have to clean your chain AUTOMATION BIO provide you the chain cleaner spray –  (at the end of the post by Motul ) or you can visit – motul cleaner

omega shape LED tail light automation bio

At back you get the tire hugger, so the mud won’t come up and the company made tail tide in leisurely, looks beautiful back design is inspired by AKULA 

you get Omega shape LED tail light that looks amazing automation bio love the design and the tail section 

The fit and finish of the panel are great every part is of high quality why not? you are paying 2.40LKAHS of course you get the premium quality the clip-on handlebars the switch quality are great and the button feedback is excellent 

You get the mono suspension at the back they adjustable mono with gas charge and that is the biggest advantage 


you get the high-quality switches, you get the switch to control the TFT display to toggle between the ride modes you get the hazard light switch the horn and engine kill are integrated that s the smart design clip-on handler bars has good quality  

310 RR Ride Review 

make sure always wear safety equipment automation bio do not promote such things!

the power is good the pickup is amazing, you love the refinement level of engine you will feel confident while riding this bike because of the dual-channel ABS you et the great stopping power, the vibration of 310 RR is less but still, we can feel it on the dashboard, handlebars 

This bike comes with GTT features like TVS Apache 160 4v I explained this feature, you can see what is GTT in the apache 160 4v post you will love it if you want to change the mode of  the bike so, you cant change the mode in the gear first you have to switch to neutral then the option will work 

ride review of apache
image source -iamabiker.com

the suspense of this bike is well balanced not too much stiff not too much soft it’s perfectly balanced gearbox is soft and precise there will be no problem or harshness while downshift and upshift 

its eye-catchy motorcycle while automation bio riding the bike people ask that how much the bike cost it look very expensive due to its high-quality paint scheme people will see your bike especially in black color 

Bike Mileage 

This bike has 11L of fuel capacity, at least the company should have given around 13-15L DUE TO ITS PERFORMANCE but better luck next time 😉 this bike can give up to 28-30kmpl and by this overall range will be 330 km 

Bike Accessories

Should you invest in this bike? over KTM RC 390

automation bio was impressed with the bike, this bike has high-quality setups switches the TECH like GTT ( still not know what is this ? then visit apache 160 4v post you will get to know), not present in the KTM RC 390 310 RR has  ride by wire technology 

this bike has 5 inches TFT display that can use to toggle in between the ride modes and in KTM RC you get the standard orange ktm display that provides basic information that has no ride modes pure performance 

if we talk about the price the 310 RR cost you 2.40lakhs and RC 390 cost you 2.52lakhs 

approx 12,000 INR of difference 

if you want pure performance and with decent build quality with the KTM brand on it that that bike is for you 

otherwise, if you want to design, tech like riding modes, GTT, etc, looks paint scheme, and you can compromise with the performance then you should go with TVS Apache 310 RR inspired by AKULA hope you like this post stay safe and stay healthy  


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