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There are two things about this  Kawasaki Ninja 300cc motorcycle that you will immediately grab your attention, first being the fact that Kawasaki 300cc is the most affordable super sports bike being power by a twin-cylinder in the market, secondary the Ninja bike 300 was perfection personified right for the moment it was launched 

Kawasaki Ninja 300cc bike ABS Model, Ride Review, Still worth? automation bio

The only problem was in the Kawasaki Ninja 300cc absence of ABS and premium pricing but now the scenario is changed, we will tell you later in this post

so is the new Ninja 300 best in the segment or has some cost-cutting? let’s find out 

Read till the end of this post, you will be clear about this bike Ninja 300 



Kawasaki 300cc Changes We Like  


 The Brand new Kawasaki Ninja 300 got the new paint scheme and new body graphics that look more new age, stunning, as compared to the Ninja 300 2019 model, the rider also get the new BLUE color variant that is also attracting but personally we automation bio feels that the green color suits the bike 

the company claims that this new ninja bike has a better heat management system as compared to the older model due to the new radiator fan cover directing the hot air downwards away from the rider now there is no problem with the heating issues of ninja 300 

The instrument cluster is the same as the previous model but an additional upgrade of an ABS light, in the existing console, still, you get the Analog+digital console with speedometer, fuel gauge, tachometer, automation bio feels that in the new model we will get the gear shift indicator but sadly we were wrong, 

Some cost-cutting by the Kawasaki brand in the Ninja 300 ASB version 

there are some cost-cutting deployed by Kawasaki to lower the price first, we need to note that we get endurance as opposed Nissin brake that the first generation engine 300 used to come equipped with now we get the MRF tire as opposed to the IRC tire that we use to get with the older ninja 300 2019 

Design Of Kawasaki 300cc

Looking at the design, the design of the ninja 300 has been flawless its sharp, it’s sporty its aggressive it’s perfectly proportionate in fact we automation bio loves the ninja 300 design more than the ninja 400 

Design Of Kawasaki 300cc automation bio

Riders to get the brand new Body graphics that look amazing, the dual headlamps looks gorgeous, the fit and finish of the 300cc ninja is good, the side panels look perfectly chiseled, the rear panels are nice and sleek, the exhaust looks good and sound even better as you rev the bike harder the tail lamp looks amazing but the grab rails decrease the design of the bike, as these are mandatory as per govt norms but below you can see the bolts, as they are removable 


SEAT AND QUALITY Kawasaki 300cc

also, there is no compromise with the fit,& finish, and overall quality, fairing is fitted well there is no clattering even when pushing the bike right up to its limits the rider seat is laid out  perfectly cushioned, the rider seat get enough room to move back and duck behind the windscreen as you launch the bike for high-speed seats are good 

the clip-on handlebars are set as well, these along with the perfectly positioned rider footpegs and comfortable and cushioned seat make this bike ultra-versatile, the switches are of good quality and provide you the positive feedback, you get the high beam flasher and engine kill switch 

ENGINE Of Kawasaki 300cc

Talking to the engine the Kawasaki ninja 300cc ABS version offers the same four-stroke 8 valves liquid-cooled fuel-injected 296cc parallel-twin DOHC setup this puts the max power of 39 PS at 11,000 rpm and max torque of 27Nm at 10,000 rpm we get the 6-speed gearbox, and the Gear Box is super smooth and light automation bio was impressed by the performance 

as compared to ninja 300 2019 the throttle is used to be slightly heavier but now it is a lot lighter. the clutch pull has always been light thanks to the slipper clutch, the slipper clutch in the Kawasaki ninja 300 ABS version allows you to make faster downshifts and upshifts confidently, without running the risk the rear wheel lock, the gear shifts are smooth and precise as always 


The riding ergonomics are perfect, on this bike not too committed position you will be comfortable, you can tour with this bike, there will be no issues related to hand palm neck pain, the seat is too comfortable, you can enjoy the weekend rides with your friend, the windshield does a great job, you can duck in and you will have great visibility through the windshield. 

 RIDING POSTURES Of Kawasaki 300cc - automation bio

The handling is brilliant thanks to the demanding frame made up of high tensile steel which offers superb strength and rigidityAt the rear, you get the mono-shock and box section swing arm which further enhances the ninja 300cc handling characteristics.

the acceleration is intense it’s linear all the way this can be done by the Kawasaki dual throttle technology which optimizes combustion efficiency and provides the linear throttle response through the rpm range automation bio like the acceleration of the bike 

Brakes of Kawasaki 300cc

Coming to the brake of Kawasaki 300cc we get the 290MM single disc plate with a dual-piston caliper at the front and a 220MM single plate with a dual-piston caliper at the back, these brakes are good enough as compared to the older version of (Ninja 300 2019)  you get the ABS so the braking performance is best 

Suspension  & Tire

Talking about the suspension we get the 37MM of telescopic forks and the mono-shock at the back with adjustable for preload, the shocks are ideally damped and offers a supers stability in the high speed and good comfort at the lowers speed 

You get the MRF tire, theses tire are sufficient  for the daily use and occasional weekend rides, but if you are more track guy who regularly goes to track day event or for the race then automation bio suggest you to change the tire with Metzeler or any good tire for you track event 

Mileage of Kawasaki ninja 300cc 

Talking about the mileage ninja 300 has 17Liters of fuel capacity which offers a good riding range it will give you approx 28-30km/l and riding range will be 490km’s 

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  • Having the price issue, the Kawasaki brand didn’t provide you’re the good quality of the tire 
  • The speedometer doest come with a gear shift indicator and now this is something which some people won’t have any issue, but for us automation bio feels, missing of a gear shift indicator  we really wish Kawasaki should include in the next upgrade 
  • The bike front suspension is 37MM of front forks automaton bio wishes it would be 41MM forks because the engine is an absolute firecracker and 37mm don’t do justice to allow you the bike 

Other than that, the Kawasaki 300cc is superb, with high-quality premium products with great stability at higher speed with linear acceleration and great performance, great handling with good comfort 

This bike Kawasaki ninja 300 cost you 2.98 LAKHS on road price may differ in your area hop you like our -Kawasaki Ninja bike 300cc ABS Model, Ride Review automation bio appreciate your effort riders, you read till here we love you 

What Is The Top Speed of Kawasaki ninja 300?

The bike Kawasaki Ninja 300 can go up to 180km/h


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