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JAWA Jawa forty or 42-two is the next bike we think after bullet if you are that kind of guy who wants to know which is better Jawa 42 or bullet 350? then you are on the right article, we are from automation bio lets dive into the all-new Jawa 42 Bike On Road Price, Specifications, Mileage 

JAWA forty-two or 42 Bike On Road Price, Specifications, Mileage automation bio

To compete for the JAWA forty-two or the royal Enfield 350 bike, Honda is planning to launch the Honda Highness (h’ness) CB350 in the Indian market, to know the more information related to the honda CB350 subscribe to our newsletter stay updated to our bike-related news

Jawa forty-two Bike Price

starting this article with the Jawa 42 Price, as compared to the bs4 model there is an increment in the price tag of  5,000- 9,000 depending on which variant you go for, single disc or double disc talking about the ex-showroom price it cost you 1,60,300 INR for a single disc and 1,69,242INR for a dual disc, talking about the on-road price of single disc BS6 cost you 1,82,858 INR and for dual disc BS6 it will cost you 1,92,665 INR
for more details, you can check to the Jawa website Jawa 42

Jawa forty-two bike, Engine 

You get the huge 293cc of Engine, with dual exhaust that look awesome, and the pipes are bigger and add up the weight by 2kg as compared to the older version due to BS6, now its single-cylinder, 4 stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC setup 
It produces 26.51 PS of Max Power and 27.05 of Max Torque As compared to the bs4 model 0.5ps and 1Nm  has been dropped 

jawa forty two Changes 

The brand Jawa has done many changes, but you won’t notice in the first go

  • The company uses the high chrome component because the owners reported the low quality of chrome, that thing improved by the brand that’s is good that brand is listing to the customer’s problem
  • As compared to the bs4 model the, the seat was a bit uncomfortable and hard, so now the company added some cushioning in the seat and fix the problem, they redesign the seat we will see, how the seat is performed in the Ride Review TOPIC in this article 
  • You get the analog + digital instrument cluster, that looks classy for the cruiser bike automation bio loves when the bike starts and the needle swept the whole console, that is the satisfactory part its a basic console provide your the speedometer trip meter and the fuel gauge

jawa forty two Specifications & Design

As we are reviewing the single disc variant of Jawa 42, as we start from the front side, we can notice old style halogen headlights with chrome finish, with Jawa branding in between, Jawa is written in the many places of the bike like on the tank on the handlebars,

one thing with this bike, the design of this motorcycle is old school charm, which no matter how long you keep it, it will retain its stump you get the tube tire, not the tubeless tire you get the single-channel ABS has a good stopping power and you will be confident enough to ride this motorcycle in the hight speed

jawa forty two Specifications & Design automation bio

The paint quality and the build quality is excellent, automaton bio likes, how the brand logo is beautifully crafted on the tank, handlebars Jawa logo covers the most bike that did look too much, the switchgear and the components used by the brand is of high quality in terms of quality, we didn’t face any problem

you get the many colour options with this bike, you don’t have limited options, users have many options in terms of colour if you ask us to choose one we will go for a blue colour 

important note for the buyer now the riders will get the fast delivery on the Jawa 42 and Jawa classic from the brand in 10-15 days, earlier riders use to wait for up to 1 months or more than that, but at present the scenario is different you can buy this but don’t rush to the showroom right now until you read this article we covered the many important things related to this bike read till last

Jawa forty-two Ride Review 

The most important thing is the ride review because in this we actually know how the bike performed in the real world. As we automation bio starts the bike, we notice the beautiful sound of the bike, after riding some distance we notice that it has good initial power, and in mid-range, but in the top end the bike performance is average, its cruiser bike not a spots bike so the top end is not that much good as the mid-end, power delivery is linear, you get nice feedback from the throttle you can feel the engine character on your hands


You won’t feel any vibration, from the bike, not on the footpegs, handlebars, the bike is too refined as all the BS6 model is refined you will love it, this bike feels like an old school classy! but the technology is new and the Indian youth loves this bike who loves cruising or weekends rides with friends but not for so long we explained in the sitting section! we like the instrument console and ABS brake many features like that. the brand uses a high-quality setup, in the long run, the bike will be in good condition as well 


The clutch is not light its bit on the harder side, you can face some issues while shifting the gear and it has 6 a speed gearbox, on the other hand, if you do multiple downshift like from 5 to 2 or 1 you sometimes feel the crankiness sound in the gear, to avoid this you have to slow down the vehicle and can shift the gear 2 other than that the gearbox is too accurate and precise no problem in upshifts and downshifts, 

Sitting Position 

The sitting position is too good as compared to the older model, as these are the cruiser bike the seat is comfortable, you get the wide handlebars by this you can leverage it easily, and you don’t feel the weight as you ride this machine, you sit upright, talking about the seat we, told you that company added the cushioning but its good from the previous model, but still there lacks in comfort for long rides, as seat feels harder you can handle it well, the position of the footpegs are nice and perfect position,


Jawa forty-two Ride Review

The initial damping of the bike, like 30% is on the softer side, that will give you a comfortable ride whether it is a good or bad road you will love the suspension, and the remaining 70% is on the stiffer side that will give you the confidence in the corners, it didn’t wobble in the high speed as they can give you a mini heart attack, you will be confident on the bike 

JAWA 42 Milage 

It has 14L of the tank that gives you 35-40km/l overall rage will be 530km’s you won’t often stop at the fuel stations 


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If you are that type OF GUY WHO LOVES TRAVELLING OR THE WEEKEND RIDES with a friend at slow-speed with an excellent looking bike this is for you as this bike can provide the good mileage as well as the good quality switch gears you wont be disaapoint witht this bike you will love it as it offers you the great power and lovely instrument console

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