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Honda has launched its Hness CB350 to compete with the kings royal Enfield 350 and Jawa forty-two, let us find out how well honda hness IS? and will it able to compete for RE? AUTOMATION BIO WILL TELL YOU ALL THE DETAILS

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Honda hness CB350 Design & Specification 

since the honda hness has to rival the RE classic, the Japanese has given the retro styling, the design is from the iconic HONDA CB series and new bikes look mashing with the retro elements like the round headlights, large fuel tank with the bold honda badge, flat saddle hope they will be comfortable than the Jawa forty-twoflared rear guard, and a dash of chrome, near the engine area the bike looks like old classy, that suits your royal character 

However, this old school bike gets modern technology like the all-LED headlamps, hope they will have great visibility, alloy wheels, with disc petals back and front, and a semi-digital or analog+digital instrument console which loaded with the features, more than the RE classic and the Jawa 42, honda Hiness get the clock, side stand indicators, gear position indicator, real-time fuel efficiency, and more features like this are missing on the RE classic and JAWA 42 or forty-two

Honda Highness (Hness) CB350 Design & Specification

Also, you get the toggle switch on the handlebars to browse through the various modes, yes your heard right!, hness do come with the riding modes on the Dlx variant of this bike, and you also get the voice control connectivity system from navigation music and call alerts 

Honda hness CB350 Engine 

This modern bike gets the power from the 348cc single-cylinder air-cooled that produces 19.36PS of power @ 5,250rpm and 28Nm of torque @4,000 rpm,with 5 speed gearbox, and do come with a  slipper clutch 

These figures aren’t that great but the honda has emphasized the peak torque is made available at just 3,000 rpm, so it should have a strong low and mid-range performance, it also added the counterbalancer to keep the engine refinement level, that is something that RE classic struggles with 

Apart, from the engine, honda focuses on the sound of the bike, it achieved the thumpy note by employing the long muffler and we automation bio must admit that the exhaust note is great by BS6 standards 


What makes hness cb350 Stand Apart?

Highness is also the only bike in the segment to feature the top control system, that aside he rear wheel from sliding under hard acceleration, VISIT THE HONDA HNESS OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION

CB 350 hness build quality & Mileage

This bike comes with telescopic forks and the twin shock absorber at the back, Honda has claimed that this bike is designed for easy handling and the weight of this bike is low that is 181 kg, the bike does come with dual-channel ABS with the spoke wheels to maintain the old classy look and tubeless tire

Honda added the 15 liters of the fuel tank, that means fewer stops at the fuel stations, all though it has 348cc of the engine we can expect 30-35km/l of mileage from henss cb 350 bike

Honda Hness Price

Honda Hness Price

Honda Highness OR Hness CB350 availability 

Honda hness will be available in the two variants and the major difference between the two is the inclusion of the smartphone connectivity and dual-tone colour options. the base variant starts at 1.90 lakhs around, the bike will be sold exclusively at the honda big wing dealership and bookings have started online 

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so what’s your take on highness? do you think it can disrupt the Royal Enfield 350 domination? comment down we all want to hear 


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The price of honda hness cb350 will be starts from 1.90 lakhs

what is the mielage of Honda Hness cb 350?

The fuel capacity of hness is 15L and have 348cc so it will give you approx 30-35km/l of mileage and a good riding range with that

what are the higligits or features of honda hness?

this bike will provide you the more feature than the other competitor like it has a riding voice control connectivity system from navigation music and call alerts, side stand indicator, and many more features than the Royal Enfield and the Jawa 42

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