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Wants to Help in COVID-19 while sitting on the SOFA?

Everybody whats to help the poor children and people in this hard coronavirus pandemic, some people risk there lives and help them, but most of the people are there who don’t want to risk due to there family we automation bio understand and launch a PROGRAM (where you can donate money and help the needy)

donate the money for poor people 
corona virus

Many people want to help and be part of the revolution, but don’t know how to help and where to start 

If you have the same thinking my friend, then we are here to help you and solve your problem

you can help while sitting on the SOFA and get the Proof fo your help on the social media platform and you can encourage others to help so many poor people can sleep full stomach 


BIKER show your random act of kindness

How To Help From Home? (donate money )

If you are serious and wats to help serious then read it and you will be happy after getting results 
we will buy foods for poor people, poor children, and even stray dogs, so they sleep full, as you know many people sleep on an empty stomach and some catch diseases due to starving 

STEP 1 – If you are on mobile then turn on desktop mode and visit-  automationbio.com 

STEP 2 – when you are on the automation bio website, you can see the popup form, as you scroll down or simply scroll down a little bit you can find the form on the right side of the website in the black color 

STEP 3– Fill the form and we will contact you under 5 min’s

STEP 4 – Tell us your basic information and tell provide which type of food you want to donate to the poor people, children, and the stray dogs 

How do you get the proof?

If you enroll in our form that is free of cost, then we will ask for your social media account where you want proof of your food 
after giving the food to the Destitute people and dogs we will share a picture from the users 

Types Of Food

A plate for a Stray Dog Food Packet for migrants, homeless and Destitute people Grocery kit for poor people
This dog food combo will save the dogs from malnutrition and save them from hunger. Sponsor a plate of dog food to help our four-legged furry friends amid the corona crisis.This nutritious mix of rice and vegetables will save poor destitute and homeless people from hunger and malnutrition. Sponsor a food packet to help them amid the corona crisis.This grocery kit can serve a poor family for many days. It includes Rice, Dal, Oil, and Salt. These families need our help during the crisis. Please donate to feed the needy
1 FOR – 50 INR (Donate at least 2) 1 FOR – 40 INR (Donate at least 2)1 FOR – 600 INR (Donate as you much )
Types Of Food

Food Packet 1 for 40 INR up anything This nutritious mix of rice and vegetables will save poor destitute and homeless people from hunger and malnutrition. Sponsor a food packet to help them amid the corona crisis.For the migrants, homeless and Destitute people 

Why people can’t able to help?

Many people want to but don’t know how they search for companies that donate money to individuals and didn’t find some
to solve this problem, and find raise money online but dint find a way, with us you can help them

We are here to help the people and donate money as well as food to the individual

Hope you will help and believe us you will be happy when you receive the proof and as well to help the poor people

If have any queries related to Be a HERO, Donate food or INR For Poor People In COVID-19 Time, please feel free to contact us and we will solve all your queries

Next picture can be yours donate now and be the part of revolution

Donation By Automation Bio
Donation By Automation Bio

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