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we Automation Bio our blog Automation Bio, Some Call It Adventure, Automation Bio Call It Life, Bike Is My Drug, We Give You Information Related To Bikes, Bike Accessories – provide, public free information we do an honest review of a sports bike, a naked bike, bikes accessories, long ride review sitting posture, and many more thing like that which one suits your taste you get the latest information about this stuff.

The Author!

about me jai Kumar automaton bio

Spoiler Alert – Short yet interesting!

hello readers! we believe that everyone deserves an honest and practical knowledge of bikes. which bike suits you, how not to damage your bikes, etc more things like that, knowledge is free for everyone 

I am Jai Kumar from Rajasthan and bike enthusiasm, if you are like me then this website is purely for you, welcome to our bike lover world! I am in the second year of college and waiting for the graduation/ degree too. sometimes i skipped my tuition class to see the Orange Day near my area, for those who don’t know what is an orange day, this is basically a KTM stunt show where all the good stuntman came and show there skills.

To all the readers, just do what you want to do! follow your inner passion whatever is that you will be successful in your own eyes. 

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